“My name is Joan and I was born in Whittlesey. I am 94 and I am told I have lovely hair for my age (she totally does by the way).

When I was younger, I worked in a shop as an assistant and I loved it. I was married and I have 8 wonderful children.

I think it’s a great afternoon when Chloe comes and it is very interesting. We have a lot of fun. I like hitting and kicking the balloons, especially at John! The music is beautiful and I love the class Chloe does with us.”

- Joan, 94, The Hermitage

“My name is John. I was born in Coates in 1932. I lived with my Mum, Dad, Brother and Grandmother.

I left school when I was 14 and worked on a farm. I liked the thought of being a farmer so I bought myself some land. I should probably mention that I got married as well. I was 21 years old and I was surprised as through my adolescence I was always very shy. We were happily married for 50 something years.

We used to go caravanning every weekend and we did that for 10 years or so. We were part of the Elvis Only’s Club. It was great and we met a lot of interesting people.

I love music! Anything from Dave Brubeck to Mozart and I always like the music in Chloe’s classes. I like the dancing and activity and I think it does us all good. It’s lovely to laugh so much.

I also like using the props. The colours of the scarves are really nice and the balloons are fun to play with as well. I love dancing next to Joan. She makes me laugh and cheers me up.

I really enjoy Chloe’s classes, we all do.”

- John, The Hermitage

"Chloe has been visiting us for the last year. The residents really enjoy themselves and benefit so much while having lots of fun. Chloe has a lovely rapport and understanding with our ladies and gentlemen, and they always look forward to her sessions."

- Janette, Activities Coordinator, The Elms

"I enjoy dancing with Chloe because it’s fun and Chloe is a great dance teacher. I enjoyed performing at the cresset. I have made lots of new friends I have loved dance this term with Chloe, she has made me much more confident and I can’t wait to dance with her next term."

- Kara, Year 3

"I love dance because it keeps me fit and healthy. I have really enjoyed dancing with Chloe this year. I can't wait for next term. I'm already looking forward to seeing Chloe again and I may get a CDC top too!"

- Maddie, Year 5

"I am grateful to Chloe for helping me come so far with my dancing and I hope to see and dance with her again one day. She has inspired me to join another dance group outside of school, and has made me believe that anything is possible."

- Lauren, Year 6

"My name is Mary W and I am 96 years old. I have been here at The Hermitage for nearly 9 years and I love it. The carers are so good and I have a really nice bedroom.

I am lucky enough to be able to go out quite often, and I like to keep active. I sew Birthday Cards and do the crossword regularly too.

I look forward to Chloe’s fortnightly visit. I love the friendly atmosphere and she gets us all working together. The dances help me loosen up any tight muscles and it would be a very sad day if she stopped coming. I love all the dances and the props. I especially like the balloons when every body joins in the fun."

- Mary W, 96, The Hermitage

"My name is Fred. I was an electrical engineer for over 40 years and I am 76 years old.


Chloe is the perfect trainer for our stiff limbs. The music is something we know and goes well with what we are doing. The props we use keep our interest, and we normally end up messing around with each other when we use them.


The balloons are great as they encourage you to move more than you would normally. Chloe thinks of everything that would keep us entertained, amusing and otherwise. I really enjoy when she comes to visit us."

- Fred, 76, The Hermitage