Chloe’s Dance Company is a Peterborough based Dance Company promoting health and wellbeing through dance, creative movement and inclusive practice. CDC was set up in January 2017 and has gone from strength to strength, working with thousands of different people since its establishment.

We want to identify and share the importance of dancing for dancing’s sake and we love seeing the happy, smiling faces in our classes. Creative Movement is key for brain stimulation, and what better way to do it than with a colourful scarf in your hand and a smile on your face? Seeing and hearing the ways dance and music really connects with our dancers is what it is all about.


We work with a huge range of dancers, from children in Primary Schools, Dance for Parkinson’s participants, adults with learning disabilities and older adults in Care Home settings, each class is targeted to suit those particular participants. Our aim is to create a safe space in which our dancers can let their inhibitions fly out the window and have some fun, and if you have seen any of the work we do, you will know that this is the approach we take when leading our sessions.


The wonderful groups of people we are honoured to work with on a regular basis are living proof that dance really is for everyone, and you can perform, thrive and shine in any situation given the right opportunity.


We want to give them that opportunity.